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Urban Survival Considerations

Urban Survival Considerations What usually comes to mind when we talk about urban survival is people. Lots and lots of people. How to avoid being caught up in the mob or avoiding them is what tends to be the first conversation point. No one wants to come to the attention of a panicked crowd or …

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Urban Foraging

Urban Foraging Regardless of your environment, you can find plants that it will provide you with nourishment in a survival situation. But you must know what to look for and know where to look for it. This  includes non-traditional growing seasons! Some plants are entirely edible from the fruit to the roots. Roots can be found year …

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8 Critical Urban Survival Skills

8 Critical Urban Survival Skills Not everyone can live in a rural area and bugging out can be difficult or even impossible. Especially for the disabled, those without private vehicles or for those who don’t have a privately owned rural property to bug out too. Roads can be blocked with other people trying to leave …

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