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Meat Cutting: Beef

Meat Cutting: Beef As unpleasant as it may be actually killing the cow is the easy part. After that it takes some skill to make the beef cuts the very best they can be for your family. It is important that if you must take a creature’s life that you make use of the entire …

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DIY Lard

DIY Lard Most of us have heard all the dangers involved with ingesting too much saturated fat. But lard still has it’s uses in our households. If you’re living off grid alternatives may not be available. Lard is actually easier to digest and less hard on your body than is butter! However, it is important …

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Video: 7 Survival Hacks

Video: 7 Survival Hacks Household Hackers make some of my favorite hack videos. This one could help us survive! Interesting hacks delivered via the video below… enjoy!  

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Build and Cook in a Steam Pit

Build and Cook in a Steam Pit Building a steam pit isn’t easy! I have watched them being done in person and totally understand why when able they use the same Large pit over and over!  This traditional method of cooking works extremely well and you can cook a whole meal in one pit. The …

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Top Ten Supply List


Top Ten Supply List Especially when you first begin to prepare, the supply list seems endless! The more you know the more you realize the things that are required to not just survive but to insure your quality of life. It can become overwhelming to the newbie and frankly sometimes to the rest of us …

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MIY Hunger Games Inspired Bow

MIY Hunger Games Inspired Bow Many folks will become bow hunters by necessity if there is a serious SHTF event. Ammunition will become hard to come by and if you only have a handgun, you may choose to save that limited ammo for purposes of self defense. Even if you currently own a bow, knowing how …

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LuminAID PackLite 16 Inflatable Solar Light

LuminAID PackLite 16 Inflatable Solar Light (link + video) Now this is one of those wow items! I saw this video and just had to find out more about them and when I did I knew I had to share that with you! I think they rate as one of the best survival, camping, backpacking, …

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Setting Broken Bones with a Emergency Splint

Setting Broken Bones with a Emergency Splint In the event of an emergency where you have suddenly become the first or only responder there are some basic medical procedures we all should know. CPR being the first and most likely to be needed by the average person. But after a disaster of any kind where …

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10 Ways That Vinegar Can Come to Your Rescue


10  Ways That Vinegar Can Come to Your Rescue If you are into natural cleaners you are already aware of the wonders of apple cider vinegar. If not take a look at the video below and learn what awesome things that vinegar can do around your household to make your life a bit more natural …

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Convert a Gum Wrapper Into a Fire Starter!

Convert a Gum Wrapper Into a Fire Starter! They say need is the mother of invention. But knowing how to make fire any way possible is a pre-need we should all learn! There will eventually come a day where there will be a need. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a disaster or a …

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