Testing 9 Flashlight Combo Gadgets

Testing 9 Flashlight Combo Gadgets

Testing 9 Flashlight Combo Gadgets

Photo: russianhacker-survivalistearth

See linked below a video demonstration from my favorite hacker, The Russian Hacker via Survivalist Earth testing each of these combos. Each flashlight works as a portable light source and a bit extra! Everyone likes duel items for the cost savings and preppers are particular fond of them. They take up less room in their kits and provide a backup for another tool.

Some ok, all them are really actually kind of cool! I only own one of the versions now. But am looking for an excuse to justify the extra purchase!

I own and use the cap light, which works great. It is much brighter and lighter than I expected. I was concerned that the weight of the light on the cap would weigh the front of the cap down and if light enough not to do so. Then I thought the light produced would be minimal. But neither was the case.

If after watching our hacker testing these lights, you would like more information on the product. Reviews, pricing, etc., I have that linked below the video.





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