The 10 Worst Places to Hide in the City if SHTF

The 10 Worst Places to Hide in the City if SHTF

The 10 Worst Places to Hide in the City if SHTF

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I know many feel the ideal is not to live in the city. With a second opinion that if the SHTF to bug out before it becomes too dangerous. However, even if you live in a rural area your bug out plans could come unraveled and for many staying out of urban areas all together isn’t feasible. This is where most of the jobs are and in cases like my own many live in a rural area but go to the city for medical care, nights out or to visit friends and family.

The SHTF will happen at the worst possible time…….that is like a given. The last serious natural disaster in my own region occurred on a day when I had taken one of my children to the city for day surgery. Now granted I was rushing back into the danger zone and not out as we flew down the roadway only minutes ahead of law enforcement closing the roads behind us. I had an elderly mother and other children at home and was determined to get my family all in one location. But what if my make a run for it home had not been successful? and if the disaster had spread further into the city as well?

Everyone no matter where you live, you need to be aware of what to do if you are caught in a SHTF scenario in the city. Take heed of the places which might seem the natural places to go that in fact are not a good idea.as described by Survivopedia in our featured article linked below

Urban Survival: 10 Worst Places to Hide in the City if SHTF

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