Tips to Squeeze that Extra Storage Out of Your Kitchen

Tips to Squeeze that Extra Storage Out of Your Kitchen

Tips to Squeeze that Extra Storage Out of Your Kitchen

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I have noted that no matter how many square feet I own or rent, that it never seems to be enough storage room! So I am always drawn to articles that give us clever storage tips. I also tend to stock up on just about everything I use on a daily basis. As with many of us preppers or not this leaves over crowded closets, cupboards and pantries. I do maintain however, that there is a huge difference between the preppers creed of one is none etc.. and hoarding. That the key difference is organization of those supplies. Organization makes those supplies readily available where as hoarders often are no longer aware of where anything is stored nor what they have or don’t have.

hoarders vs preppers

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The Tiny Home Tour shares with us 13 clever organization tips that create additional storage and functionality in our kitchens. You can see those linked below

13 amazing organization tips to squeeze that extra storage out of your kitchen

I really love one pictured above with the storage baskets on the end of the cupboard using that as wall space. But if you have a kitchen designed as my own was, like the one pictured below there isn’t enough space between the end of my cupboards and the window to allow those baskets to attach to the wall nor look neat and tidy if attached to the cupboard it’s self without extending over the window. I did however, still want to make use of that space and free up some counter space. I have attached a wooden paper towel holder (demonstrated by the photo below)  that happens to be the same shade of wood as are my cupboards and it works perfectly

Papertowel storage tip

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