Triangulating Your Position

Triangulating Your Position

  Triangulating Your Position

Graphic: themcclungs

You know it’s foolish to depend completely on technology for directions and or on gps. We see and hear stories all the time of what can happen to those that blindly follow that technology and it fails them. Not to say that gps is not an awesome tool. I would literally be lost most of the time within the city without it. But once out of the city and heading in the right direction to my more rural route I shut if off as I know the way and find the reminders irritating.

One thing my gps does for me that I need to learn more about doing on my own is telling me where I am right now. I know how to use a compass, and can read a map. Most of us can. If not then you should definitely learn asap. But those tools are worthless if you don’t know where you are at the moment you look at the map or pull out your compass.

The process of learning that location is called triangulating. The link below from Beyond the Tent gives us a lesson on doing that.

Triangulating Your Position in the Wilderness

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