Understanding Preparing for the Unknown

Understanding Preparing for the Unknown

  Understanding Preparing for the Unknown

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That we are preparing for the unknown is a concept that too often is forgotten by the prepping community at large and reveled in by the non-prepper as an excuse not to be prepared. The prepper, myself included, tends to have an idea of what the post disaster community will be like and gear our preparedness efforts toward surviving that idea. The non-prepper says there are just too many possibilities to be effective so why waste your time and money.

The fact is none of us really know what we will need and what the world will truly be like post disaster. We can learn from what has occurred in the past in other countries and even our own. The crisis scenarios of the past don’t however accurately reflect the culture of the disaster ie… when the USA was attacked on 9/11 our country joined together against a common enemy and came to the aid and rescue of our fellow country men regardless of race, creed, color, or class. We sent out the message to the world that you attack one you attack all. But then as economic and political feuding began within our borders we sent out another message to the world, that who our generosity extends to does depend on who they are and what their belief systems are. This can leave us pondering what our post disaster community will really be like.

How to understand preparing for the unknown is well put and explained in our featured blog linked below from Prepper Skills


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