What Should be in Your Emergency Binder

What Should be in Your Emergency Binder

 What Should be in Your Emergency Binder

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Many preppers keep an emergency binder of ‘how to‘s’ and articles that they feel will assist them in the time of an emergency. The featured article is a different kind of emergency binder. The one we are most likely to forget or not think about in normal times for an emergency situation. It can also be used as an estate planning tool as it should contain all the information you would want and need if suddenly permanently displaced for any reason to a more normalized area so that you can begin again. I would call it an evacuation binder. You can find this listing at the featured link

Bug Out (Emergency) Binder

I would recommend that you do put together the “evacuation/fire loss” binder as described in the article. However, there are other topics to include in your binder. In an urgent situation you won’t be thinking as clearly as you are now. Everyone should know where the binder is. You might not be there at the time the SHTF. You may know, but does your spouse? Teen child? The babysitter? The grandparents? etc. Be sure to laminate your binders as they could be exposed to the elements in the majority of scenarios.

  • Household maintenance ie… How and when to change the furnace filter, the refrigerator water filter, cleaning the gutters, where keys are, the plumber or electrician you used and so on.
  • Bug in know how ie… Where the emergency equipment is kept, how to use and the upkeep for each item, instructions for securing the property, the method of communication you have chosen and how to use it, (again you might know the radio frequency and ID information planned but does you family?) where you have spare parts or back up items and this type of reference materials
  • Bug out information ie… The planned meet up location, any signals set up for communicating with each other as to a change of plan, maps with various routes to the meet up or bug out location. transportation information, cache locations and those kinds of information.
  • How to survival information ie… How to instructions from everything from where and how to build a makeshift shelter to hunting tips. Especially important for skills you aren’t comfortable with yourself or feel your group or family members may lack without you.

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