Why Preppers Should Learn More and Spend Less

Why Preppers Should Learn More and Spend Less

 Why Preppers Should Learn More and Spend Less

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As you know I am a bit of a gear junkie. I know I can’t be an expert at everything! But how do I choose my equipment needs? By first learning what I am good at and what I struggle with. The important part of that statement is learning. I know I can be separated from my beloved equipment during a crisis scenario. I need learn to do these things without my helpers. But if I know what will really be of use to me personally during an event I can put my money into what will be useful to me and will make life easier and survival more likely.

The learning part can be the fun part or the hard part completely dependent upon your view of it. Then take what you have studied and put it to practice. See the Organic Preppers point of view on the subject it does forhealthylives.com/product/doxycycline/ vary a bit from my own and then make your own decisions on how much to invest in time or money. Its linked below

Why Preppers Should Spend More Time Learning (and Less Time Shopping)

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