Who Will Become Frenemies After the SHTF?

Who Will Become Frenemies After the SHTF?

 Who Will Become Frenemies After the SHTF?

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Frenemies, we all have them. Know it or not! They are a little easier to pick out of the herd these days. With social media, cell phones, texts, and cameras on every device we have, someone somewhere posts or records just about every word said. But what about when the world is upside down and people are stripped down to who they really are?


Will the neighbor you trade cups of baking ingredients with today, be at your door demanding more than a cup of something when times get rough?

The guy down the block who always is ready with a wrench when your vehicle needs a bit of help going down the road, use that wrench on the lock on your storage shed when he is desperate?

The boss who so admires your work ethic, the co-worker who hates your work ethic, the teacher who claims your child is a ‘joy’ to have in their classroom or the school bully? Who will really have your back and who is just waiting for you to turn it?

Survivalist Prepper has some ideas of categories you can sort your contacts into for keeping in the back of your mind just in case you need to take another look at that friendship during a time of crisis when your own thoughts are jumbled and you really need to know who to trust. His advice can help you decide who and when to trust. See what they are, and how to sort them out at the featured link below.

Will your friend become your enemy?

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