Will You Turn Away Family? Friends? Neighbors?

Will You Turn Away Family? Friends? Neighbors?

 Will You Turn Away Family? Friends? Neighbors?

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There are a number of preppers who think they know the answer to that question. Some say absolutely if they were foolish enough not to prepare then too bad, my responsibility is to my family already behind that door. They will turn away everyone without a second thought.

There are also a large group who also feel they know that answer as well. No way could they turn away someone well known or with special needs like children away from their door. Their thoughts run toward the world after the disaster is over and do they want to live in a world where no one cares about each other.

I actually call Bull on both answers. You really don’t know until that very moment what you will do. Can you really look your child in the eyes after turning away his or her grandparents or other parent if you are no longer together? Or face your spouse when the supplies run out because you thought it would be a shorter term disaster when you let your buddy from next door in? What if they have skills you don’t? Or they lost their supplies in the disaster and it could as easily have been you without supplies today? Or if they come with additional supplies or weapons?

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Will You Turn Away Family, Friends And Neighbors At Your Door When America’s Day Of Disaster Arrives

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