7 Ways To Build A Rocket Stove

7 Ways To Build A Rocket Stove

7 Ways To Build A Rocket Stove

Photo graphic: treehuggercom

Updated from the Sastainablog/Jeff McIntire

Please be sure to note the safety issues and precautions with any wood burning stove.

1. The very, very simple 16-brick rocket stove.

This one requires no more than stacking some bricks… though I’m guessing they would need to be made of a material like adobe (for the insulative properties). That the stove’s creator, Dr. Winiarski, putting this one together.



2. The slightly more involved single-pot rocket stove.

You’ll need just a few more materials for this one from The Aprovecho Research Center but it’s still pretty simple…

3. The big brick rocket stove

If you’re interested in something closer to the look of a conventional barbecue grill, This may be just the ticket. It’s a bit more involved than stacking bricks, but likely still within most of our skill sets. To get the plans click here
7 Ways To Build A Rocket Stove

Image from Root Simple


4. The steel drum rocket stove heater.

Welding is definitely beyond my abilities, but if you’re handy with a torch (or know someone who is), check out this DIY indoor heating rocket stove.  Be sure to follow the author’s safety precautions for operation, and consider his suggestion that such a stove could have implications for your homeowner’s insurance.   For the plans click here

7 Ways To Build A Rocket Stove

Image credit IWillTry.org

5. The customized rocket stove plan.

The Rocket Stove Design base has an interactive tool (which apparently only works in the Firefox browser) that allows you to input elements of the stove you’d like to build, and spits out a plan for your stove in PDF format, or pre-built for purchase.

7 Ways To Build A Rocket Stove

Pre-built for purchase by Eco-Zoom

6. The tin can rocket stove

really simple plan for a rocket stove made from tin cans. Jim Bonham, who made the video, has

another one with some updates, and another (shorter) one on some of the safety issues involved

in making this particular stove.


7.  Rocket Stove Made From a Five Gallon Metal Bucket

This one doesn’t require masonry work. Better yet,  it should be portable, For the instructions click here


7 Ways To Build A Rocket Stove

Image from Root Simple


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