Coming To My House When SHTF Happens? We Need To Talk…

Coming To My House When SHTF Happens? We Need To Talk…

 Coming To My House When SHTF Happens? We Need To Talk...

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We all hear that phrase “I know where I am coming if SHTF” mostly joking but truly not. They are actually quite serious. They don’t believe there is going to be a SHTF event serious enough for them to actually prepare their own homes. But just in case they want to let you know you are their backup plan.

Most of us are irritated by that common suggestion of irresponsibility. But face it, we are human and when the time comes it will be harder to hold the line of “oh no you’re not”. It won’t just be the jerks showing up at your door. It will be your spouse’s closet friend, your college buddy, your daughter’s boy friend, the kid your son plays ball with, the babysitter, the old woman next door who always has been there to watch your fur babies and home while you were away. It may even be your siblings or in laws.

Perhaps it might be better if rather than a blanket response to all those who might show up of no, you gave them a real honest heart to heart talk about what it will take for you to open your door to them or anyone.

Erica from Living Life in Rural Iowa has made up a list of topics and instructions to talk to these folks about. Letting them know that you understand they expect you to help them, but that you expect them to help themselves and contribute if that time should come. See it linked below

Coming To My House When SHTF Happens? We Need To Talk…

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