Switchblades Laws By State

Switchblades Laws By State

Switchblades Laws By State

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People always say don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. But did you know that a knife wound is more deadly than a gunshot wound? So they aren’t toys. Especially not switchblades. So much so that here in the United States each state has its own laws regarding them.

If you know the law in your state why would you be concerned about the laws in another state? Because most people who do carry a knife don’t ever plan to use it in a fight scenario but rather as a tool. Which means that you wouldn’t be too concerned about carrying it with you as you cross state lines. You always have a knife with you and don’t even think of it as a weapon.  I myself was pulled aside and questioned about a credit card knife I had in my wallet and had completely forgotten I had it on me when entering a government building!

The laws on the type of knife do matter, so find out what they are for the switchblade in your state and any state that you might visit. You can see them at the featured link below from Survival Life.

Are Switchblades Legal? Knife Laws By State

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