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Foundations Community Security

Foundations Community Security Security is one of the areas where we count on trickle down methods. We count on our countries active duty military to protect us from the armies of other unfriendly countries. Our national guard to protect us when things go wonky within our own borders. Federal agents, then state police, then local …

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Masking Noise and Light Signatures

Masking Noise and Light Signatures Masking the lights and sounds we make seems obvious in a SHTF scenario. But there are both sounds and light emissions that we don’t even think about. The jingle of the change in our pockets, the tickle in the back of our throats that needs to be cleared, the flash …

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Purchasing Good Used Survival Items

Purchasing Good Used Survival Items When I was a kid purchasing second hand was something you didn’t brag about. Now the trend is reversed. It is not only smart but trendy to purchase used items. Not only good for the budget but the planet. That is of course if it is an item that you …

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Cheap Guns vs. Budget Guns

Cheap Guns vs. Budget Guns Many folks are buying guns for the first time. We live in a more violent time than in years past. Home invasions are up, along with other crimes against people. People are preparing more than ever as well. In some countries like the United States this includes the purchase of …

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Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100


Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100 Who knew Ikea had off grid items? First the flat pack vertical garden and now this awesome off grid solar powered tiny house or shelter.   My own plan for temporary shelter after a localized event has been tents on my own property while we repaired any structural damage to …

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Treating Dysentery

Treating Dysentery You don’t hear much about dysentery too often in the western world anymore. Hygiene practices, cooking procedures, and appropriate medical care have prevented major outbreaks in this part of the world. However, during a time of crisis and chaos it kills more people than do bullets and bombs. If you should become infected …

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Who Would You Let in Post SHTF?

Who Would You Let in Post SHTF? This question is asked about in prepper circles almost daily. It is an important question. Your answer effects your prepping behavior today and will in a crisis situation as well. Who would you let in post SHTF? I know there are those among you who feel you have …

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SHTF in the City

SHTF in the City Many preppers and prepping sites often speak as though living in a city is foolish and a death wish should the SHTF. I do understand their concerns and agree with some of them. But face it, not everyone can live in a rural area. Some who would like to simply can’t …

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Could You Go Underground?

Could You Go Underground? During the cold war, many folks tried to or actually did build backyard underground bunkers. Now days with the additional knowledge we have about what a safe bunker would entail most families can’t afford to even consider one. But the bunkers they are building now days are pretty cool. They even …

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Common Prepper Strategies That Can End Badly


Common Prepper Strategies That Can End Badly Because of this site and the social media accounts that go with it, I hear a lot of prepper strategies. I never doubt a particular prepper’s plan because we are all unique and our plans should reflect that. Different group make up, different skills, different locations and abilities …

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