Homesteading Jobs For Winter

Homesteading Jobs For Winter

Homesteading Jobs For Winter

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As we enter the winter months many urbanites are feeling the crunch of the adverse weather conditions and wrongly assuming their country cousins are on hiatus. They couldn’t be more wrong! There are always chores to be done when homesteading and that is true whether the homestead is urban or rural! Animals still need to eat on the traditional homestead, and if it is a self sufficient homestead, heating and fuel are a constant concern. But other than that, hey it’s a breeze 😛

There are a lot of chores that are set aside for a less active season when the planting, harvesting, and preserving chores are complete. So after the animals are cared for, and the indoor garden tended, what is a homesteader to do?

Mama Zed From Zed’s Homestead tells us linked below and those in an urban environment can take a tip or two on how to effectively use those wintery days as well.

 7 Homesteading Jobs For Winter

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