Prepping For Sleep Apnea

Prepping For Sleep Apnea

Prepping For Sleep Apnea

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If you don’t know what sleep apnea is you are fortunate enough to not to have it nor know anyone with it. It is a condition that causes the sufferer to stop breathing during their sleep. Often times many times an hour each night. This of course is scary not only for the person who has the issue but the those who care about them.

I have heard of spouses staying up all night to try to insure their loved one continues breathing through out the night. If you are the one who is not breathing off and on obviously you aren’t sleeping well either. This leads to people who are not performing at their best during waking hours either. You don’t want this issue in the best of times, never mind during or after a crisis!

What is usually done to assist these folks is an apparatus called a C-Pap which requires a power source. So if forced off grid how can you at least reduce the consequences of this issue? Over at Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You they have suggestions. See them at our featured link below

Breathe Even While Sleeping: Three Preps for Sleep Apnea

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