Squatters in Your BOL?

Squatters in Your Bug Out Location?

Keep them out and protect your property rights!


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You found a little plot of land that was your perfect bug out location and perhaps it even doubles as a vacation spot. You put up a little cabin, a tiny house or parked a trailer all stocked and ready to go! You drive on out to check on the property and perhaps to add new supplies… but as you approach you notice something is not right. There are no trespassing signs, new power lines, the well you began has been finished… you have squatters!

So you get on your phone and call the local authorities and report invaders on your property. But when the law enforcement officers arrive, it is YOU they escort off the property! They have been obviously living there for a few  months and they have made improvements or repairs to the property. There is no signs that they broke into the building or cut any locks (that evidence was long ago disposed of)  and even more offensive they have changed or added locks to your property! For the moment… legally they own the property and you are the trespasser!

This has become a world wide issue the worst of it being in the UK with unoccupied spaces taken over, but recently has also become a big issue in the USA for landlords, vacationers, and even those who simply left their primary residences to vacation themselves! In a SHTF scenario you may be able to simply drive them off the property but trying that now during normal times will land you in criminal court. That they are there at all has already sentenced you to long hours in civil court trying to reclaim your property!

How do they do this? It is almost like an anti-ownership rights movement with instructions and tips for conniving your way into someone else’s hard earned home on many web sites. My advice here as you look over these sites is that you use the knowledge to help prevent it from happening to you! Knowing how they do it is half the battle for preventing it. These are some of those sites from different countries.

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I am all for housing the homeless, but this is not the way to do it! It blows my mind that there are actual guides on how to take someone else’s property from them and laws that seem to support their ability to do so! There are people who will read this and think, why tell them how to do it here!? Not what we are advocating, we have shown you some of these sites here so that you can prepare and prevent this from happening to your own property! Knowledge and being forewarned is the best way to prevent it from happening to you.

It’s too late for prevention when you have found them already on your property. It is all well and good to say …. “it’s my property and I will drive them out by any means necessary including force if I have to”… clearer heads realize though that attitude will land you in jail and them back on your property gaining more rights while you serve your assault sentence. So what do you do when they have usurped your property and rights? 

Legal How-To: Getting Squatters Evicted

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Getting Rid of Squatters

The best method of preventing this from happening to you and your home or bug out location is awareness and diligent observation. Check on your property often, act immediately upon any sign that the property has been disturbed. One of the tips given to the squatter is to insure the property isn’t actually occupied and that the real owner will be away long enough for them to be there the legal length of time to claim squatters rights. Pay your property tax on the property on time and never see it as a gift if someone else pays that tax! It isn’t a government mistake that will give you extra time to make payment yourself.. it is a way of claiming your property! Make your bug out location look like someone will be returning shortly and don’t assume that because it is off grid that it is safe and secure. Putting it on the grid is one of the best ways for the squatter to make a claim. Check on it often even if it is out of the way. This is a location where you want you and your family to escape to when there is a crisis and the last thing you need is to arrive safely only to find you have to fight for the property and all your supplies and preps have been taken or used.

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