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Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100


Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100 Who knew Ikea had off grid items? First the flat pack vertical garden and now this awesome off grid solar powered tiny house or shelter.   My own plan for temporary shelter after a localized event has been tents on my own property while we repaired any structural damage to …

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Ikea’s Flatpack Vertical Garden

Ikea’s Flatpack Vertical Garden Wow, just wow! If you want a large garden and don’t have the horizontal space but do have the vertical space this new Ikea product will be right up your alley. I am fortunate enough to have both and have considered a gazebo but wanted something unique. Boy is this unique! …

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Off-grid EcoCapsule

Off-grid EcoCapsule If you are serious about going tiny and off the grid this is for you! It is indeed tiny but can be relocated just about any where in the world. The ecoCapsule is now available for preordering. There are currently only 50 on the market and depending up the days exchange rate runs …

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Escaping From a Sinking Car

Escaping From a Sinking Car Accidents are called accidents for a reason. No one intends for them to happen. Yet every day someone dies an accidental death. Many of these are preventable while others come completely out of the blue. Being prepared and accepting that you could be the victim of a mistake of either your …

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Could the Survival Bike be Your Bug Out Vehicle?

Could the Survival Bike be Your Bug Out Vehicle? Years ago when I was young, broke, and living in Germany.  I had a moped for several years rather than a car. It was much less expensive. (Why is it that the good ole days aren’t good until later when the really cool things aren’t a …

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New Portable Camp Shower Kit

New Portable Camp Shower Kit I love seeing all the new designs for future products and this one happens to be near and dear to my heart! I hate, hate, hate a cold morning shower! For sure the current solar camp showers are so much better than the previous models. They are also pretty inexpensive. …

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Folding Canoe

Folding Canoe I came across this awesome canoe on Design Boom in their DIY section. Now this DIY section is for designers and not us everyday Joes. So there are no step by step directions, actually no directions at all. This project was submitted by an Israeli designer Ori Levin. Who created this prototype in …

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Testing Door Lock Gadgets

Testing Door Lock Gadgets Our favorite hacker is at it again! This time the Russian Hacker is testing added security door lock gadgets as only he can. Watch the video below and see how the following items did!       This is an aggregated site. Please be aware some of the sites we link …

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Switchblades Laws By State

Switchblades Laws By State People always say don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. But did you know that a knife wound is more deadly than a gunshot wound? So they aren’t toys. Especially not switchblades. So much so that here in the United States each state has its own laws regarding them. If …

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DIY PVC Alice Pack Frame

DIY PVC Alice Pack Frame   A frame for your bug out bag or alice pack will save your back a lot of stress and strain allowing you to go further faster. Important especially in a bug out scenario. But saving wear and tear on your back even if you’re hiking or backpacking for fun …

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