The Only Prep That Can’t be Bought

The Only Prep That Can’t be Bought

 The Only Prep That Can't be Bought

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Without a doubt many of you are thinking..” Skills of course, duh!” but that would be wrong. Almost any creature can be taught. You can in today’s world pay someone to teach you bushcraft, evasion techniques, how to use a firearm, or to garden. In a post SHTF world, who ever has something to trade can do so to be taught.

With the idea of skills off the table my own next thoughts went to other intangible qualities like honesty and loyalty or even attitude. But once again in fact they can obtained with the right stuff.

However, Preparedness is Fundamental does speak to the one and to my mind, the only prep that can’t be taught, bought or in anyway be obtained from someone else. Yet without it, your chances of survival are slim to none. It’s so simple and basic that it would be just wrong of me to simply tell you and not feature their link. Check it out and see if you figured out what the mystery prep is!

 The Prep Money Can’t buy

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